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Professional. Qualified. Experienced: Your construction project needs the expertise that only McConkey and Associates Planning and Development LLC can bring. With years of experience developing shoreland and vacant lots from design to completion, we offer a comprehensive solution for all of your construction projects.

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From small vacant lots to redeveloping on New Hampshires shores,

McConkey and Associates have the knowledge and experience necessary to transform your construction ideas to successful realization. At McConkey and Associates we believe in quality and professionalism. In taking on your project, our high standards and unique approach will translate to perfectly executed construction project that comes in on time. For a project manager partner in the Lakes Region and surrounding areas that's able to deliver every time without fail, call 603-520-3050

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Your construction project needs the expertist that only McConkey and Associates Planning and Development LLC can bring. With years of experience developing shoreland and vacant lots from design to completion, we offer a comprehensive solution for all of your construction projects.

Septic Design

A professionally designed septic is necesary to provide the homeowner and environment years of waste water treatment and use. We are professionals that look at the lot and its unique characteristics to make a design that best suits the land. We offer consultation on site to hear your ideas and needs. We then perform soil tests (perc test and test pit) to check the soils. We then topo the property and draft the design with AutoCad.

Septic Installation

We offer free septic install bids and are licensed to install. We provide high quality installs and make the property better than what it was when we got on site.

Free Bids & Estimates

Septic Inspections and Evaluations

We are licensed to inspect and evaluate septic systems and their components nationally and in New Hampshire. We are happy to discuss the process and at the end we provide a thorough report which includes pictures, dimensions and a simple plot plan.

Waterfront tree cutting plots

Cutting trees on the shores of New Hampshire requires that your property has the minimum amount of tree points before you can cut trees. We provide a plot plan that inventories the trees on your property and shows you which trees can be removed.

Waterfront Site Assessment

Developing property on the waters of New Hampshire is a beautiful thing. What are your project ideas? Do you already own a house on the water but would like to tear down or add on to? A lot of our work performed is on lakes, rivers and ponds. Any work within 250' of protected water bodies require state shoreland approval prior to construction. Projects that impact less than 1,500 sq' can apply for an expedited application

We provide renderings of what your property could look like. From hardscape installation to plantings and other unique ideas.

Shoreland Development Permits

Any development within 250' of New Hampshire shoreland requires a shoreland permit. We create an existing and proposed plot plan that is filled with state NHDES to procur your permit to begin construction.

Wetland Development Permits

Construction and development within the banks of NH shorelands requires a NHDES Wetlands Permit. This also includes docks.

Sometimes your project requires going to your towns Zoning Board or Planning Board. We compile all of the necessary paper work and documents and represent you at the meetings to get your approvals.

Are you building a new house, or doing an addition? We create a plot plan and file all the necessary paper work to get your building permit so you can begin construction.

If you are looking to develop an existing property or develop a vacant plot of land we can help. With the clients best interest in mind, we can provide complete site development. We handle all of the dirt work including construction of driveways, foundation holes, utility trenching and septic installation. With our extensive experience with local and state agencies, we can provide all of the permits and services to provide high quality, efficient work. Contact us today to discuss your project and we will provide you with a free quote for the requested services.

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